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Designer Screens
PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: The Designer Screens are made 100% Australian made and owned and constructed from a premium quality manufactured timber product using 100% Australian plantation hardwood - tough enough to be used virtually anywhere. As a 100% natural product made from Australian hardwood timber with zero carbon footprint, these Designer Screens offer a sustainable, green alternative. You can create your perfect solution virtually off the shelf as they are available in a range of sizes, such as 1200 x 600mm, or our larger range of 2400 x 1200mm, 1800 x 1200mm, 1800 x 900mm screens all offering hero size screens at surprisingly affordable prices. Custom sizes are no big issue… Any screen can be resize or rescaled right up to 3600mm x 1200mm. We can even change materials – from timber (our most popular) to aluminium, steel or even acrylics.

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