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arcadia green couch. Click for more information...
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arcadia green couch
Green couch still available. Photo shown is September 2016
$ 3.95
GST Included
sunburnt red coloured mulch. Click for more information...
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sunburnt red coloured mulch
COLOURFAST FIRE RETARDANT & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY The fire retardant, pine wood chip comes in a variety of colours, including our most popular shades of Sunburnt Red and Ash Black. The UV-protected dye coating is fade resistant and long lasting, even in Australia’s famously tough climate. Perfect for businesses, especially large-scale projects, Vivid Mulch will add sophistication and intrigue to every garden.
$ 95.00
GST Included
Ash black coloured mulch. Click for more information...
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Ash black coloured mulch
COLOURFAST, FIRE RETARDANT & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY The fire retardant, pine wood chip comes in a variety of colours, including our most popular shades of Sunburnt Red and Ash Black. The UV-protected dye coating is fade resistant and long lasting, even in Australia’s famously tough climate. Perfect for businesses, especially large-scale projects, Vivid Mulch will add sophistication and intrigue to every garden.
$ 95.00
GST Included
aechmea blanchetiana. Click for more information...
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aechmea blanchetiana
Hardy indoor plant prefers warm and humid position in well lit room. Keep fresh water in center, mist often and keep soil moist, drier in winter. Fertilize regularly at half strength
$ 45.00
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elaeocarpus eumundii. Click for more information...
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elaeocarpus eumundii
A slow growing, medium to large, evergreen tree. A dense crown of dark green glossy foliage and flushes of deep bronze-red new growth. Decorative, dark blue, round fruit Plant in any well drained soil which is rich in organic matter and apply an organic fertilizer in early spring. keep well watered and mulched during dry periods. Too large for the average home garden but well suited to parks, acerage plantings and landscapes. Likes: Full sun, warm to hot conditions, An Australian Plant
$ 88.00
GST Included
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Cutts Grubs Fertilizer
Wednesday 24th of June 2015

Cutts Grubs is a Rock Mineral blend fertilizer that is coated with biologically derived plant extracts to help repel Army Worm, Curl Grub, Black Beetle, Slugs, Mites and Lawn Grub from your lawn. A s .....
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Signs of Lawn Grub Damage
Wednesday 24th of June 2015

Lawn Grub - Hints on Maintaining a Good Lawn Turf farms regularly spray for lawn grubs. The spray does not kill the egg stage of the lawn grub cycle, which means any eggs could hatch over the next .....
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*IMPORTANT* Do not use Bad Turf Underlay
Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

Paper Mulch is widely sold at most landscaping suppliers as a turf underlay. Here is an example of what this looks like Picture of this bad underlay. Why you should NOT USE this product It .....
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The Empire Zoysia I have just purchased looks different
Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

We often get asked why does the Empire Zoysia that has just been purchased and laid look different to what is displayed on our website. The above picture is an example. The answer is simple : .....
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Welcome to our News and Articles Section
Saturday 20th of June 2015

Welcome to the News and Articles section of our website. Here we will keep you informed of what's new, plus provide articles to help keep your garden and lawn in top condition. These articles will .....
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Welcome to Arcadia - Turf and Nursery

Attention all Gold Card Landscapers and Civil Contractors. Ask about our super pricing for Projects
( such as houses, schools, road sides, sub divisions. )

Call for Quote today
Next day delivery available on some lines. * (conditions apply)

Our new Turf Display Center will be opening soon. At that center you will be able to see and compare first hand, a large range of turf varieties suited to Brisbane growing conditions, such as: Sapphire, Palmetto, Nara (Native Zoysia), Empire Zoysia, Tropica and WinterGreen.

What makes our display center different is that we have layed these lawns as you would a typical domestic residence. No special fertilizers or top soil The grass is mowed fortnightly and only receives natural rainfall. We feel it's important for you to be able to see how each variety will look in more realistic grass growing conditions, that better represent the average home.

It's important to remember that there is not one variety that suits every condition.
Every grass has unique benefits, but there is NOT one grass that has every benefit.

We can provide a broad range of turf varieties to support a range of soil conditions.

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Fertilisers are essential for ensuring your lawn / turf / grass stays in tip top condition. Many fertilisers can not only provide nutrients but also have the ability to absorb and slow release moisture, that will help drought proof your lawn.

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Landscape Supplies
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Our Nursery can offer you the Best Price, Best Range of Plants and the Best Quality Plants in Brisbane. We are constantly sourcing new, exotic and rare varieties all the time as well more commonly available varieties. If a plant you are looking for is not listed on our website, please contact us as we may not have listed it on our website yet, even though it could be IN STOCK. Even if we don't have it in stock at the moment we should be able to source it for you.

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This Category contains all the turf (lawn / grass) varieties we can supply, plus it also includes all the lawn care products and fertilisers we recommend and sell.

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General Information

About Us
With a large range of turf varieties to choose from, through to a complete range of landscaping supplies, underground rain water tanks and retaining walls, we've got all your requirements covered.

Not only can we supply virtually anything you may require, we can also install it, anytime you need it.

So We can provide what you need when you need it.

With over 20 years experience in the Horticulture business.

Please ensure that you use a good base and good topsoil to pre the site before you lay turf.

DO NOT use a bad Turf Underlay

Please see THIS ENTRY in our Frequently Asked Questions section for the reason why.

Bobcat Hire available
picture for demonstration purpose only.
Contact us for more details

Soil Hydration Services
* Now available *

This will help reduce your water costs and benefit your turf / sports field during drought.

Visit our Services Section for more info.

Arcadia Turf Superblend Fertiliser
$25 per bucket.

TURF Facts
Why you should consider Turf instead of Artificial solutions
  • Turf grass acts as a natural filter by reducing pollution by purifying the water as it passes through the root zone.

  • Turf is 4 times more effective than hay field in controlling erosion.

  • Sediment losses from turfed ares are 10 times less than from straw covered areas.

  • Run-off from turf areas will take at least 28 times longer than most popular erosion control materials.

  • Turf grass traps and removes dust and dirt from the air.

  • 250 square meters of lawn can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release enough oxygen for a family of four.

  • An average size lawn of a house has the cooling effect of about nine tonnes of air-conditioning.

  • On a hot day, a grass lawn will be at least 15° cooler than bare soil.

A healthy lawn contributes positively to the environment by slowing run-off and minimizing erosion of soil and landscaping materials. It has a cooling influence around buildings that pavers, stones and concrete cannot provide. Plus lawn creates a safe and enjoyable area for children.

Some of the Turf Varieties we can Supply

Sapphire empire zoysia
Empire Zoysia

Palmetto St. Augustine
Coochin Creek Turf Farm
Aussiblue (Aussie Blue)
Queensland Blue Couch
Empire Zoysia
Plateau Turf
Zoysia Matrella
Durban - Sweet Smother
CT2 Couch


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