Arcadia Turf operating a Trebro Stackit Cutting Green Couch. November 2016
Welcome to Arcadia - Turf and Nursery
Arcadia Turf
Coleus Flowers are perfect for attracting Native Blue Banded Bees
Arcadia Turf-2020_0203.jpg
Coleus Flowers are perfect for attracting Native Blue Banded Bees
Arcadia Turf-2020_0201.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_15_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-dsc_5391_flower_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0204.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_16_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_an_04.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_18_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_an_02.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_petunia_02.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0202.jpg
Arcadia Turf-dsc_5580.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_07202.jpg
Arcadia Turf-venus_flytrap.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0211.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0209.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0208.jpg
Arcadia Turf-20_01.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_19_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0206.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0212.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_20_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0214.jpg
Arcadia Turf-dsc_5370_flowers_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0210.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0205.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0215.jpg
Arcadia Turf-dsc_5572.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0213.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0207.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_21_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0720.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_17_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-leaf_cutter_bee_1200.jpg
Coleus Flowers are perfect for attracting Native Leaf Cutter Bees
Arcadia Turf-mosquito_2020.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_pertunia_01.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_an_01.jpg
Arcadia Turf-dsc_5596.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_an_03.jpg
Arcadia Turf-dsc_5369_flowers_1200.jpg
Arcadia Turf-2020_0216.jpg

Welcome to Arcadia - Turf and Nursery

Welcome. Arcadia Turf is 100% OWNED and OPERATED by TROY CUTTS

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monstera deliciosa Tauerii. Click for more information...
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monstera deliciosa Tauerii
$ 9.50
GST Included
cordyline negra. Click for more information...
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cordyline negra
Cordyline Negra. This is a very robust growing and visually appealing plant. Produces leaflets that spiral upward, black in colour. When mature the new emerging leaves will be green with white and red striping then with age the green of the leaf will darken to form a blackish colour. Will grow in full sun to a bright light situation. Leaflet can reach a length of 40 - 50cm and 8cm in width tapering at either end. This variety can grow out in full sun in warmer climates and needs protection from cold winds and frost in cooler climates. Cordylines can grow in a wide variety of soils and ph conditions. Fertilize regularly with a nitrogenous rich fertilizer and water regularly in warmer periods. Ideal as a patio and house plant. Lies: Full sun, warm position frost free, foliage plant, great for pots.
$ 6.00
GST Included
nandina domestic nana. Click for more information...
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nandina domestic nana
$ 7.50
GST Included
silver lady- blechnum. Click for more information...
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silver lady- blechnum
fast grow fern. Ideal for shady areas in the garden.
$ 8.50
GST Included
anthurium Turenza. Click for more information...
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anthurium Turenza
$ 14.00
GST Included


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Success Trailing Petunias
Thursday 10th of August 2017

Success Petunias are the earliest series. They are 7 days earlier than the leading trailing petunia series.All colours flower within 6 days of each other.The flowers hold their shape and have unique m .....
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Cutts Grubs Fertilizer
Wednesday 24th of June 2015

Cutts Grubs is a Rock Mineral blend fertilizer that is coated with biologically derived plant extracts to help repel Army Worm, Curl Grub, Black Beetle, Slugs, Mites and Lawn Grub from your lawn. A s .....
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Signs of Lawn Grub Damage
Wednesday 24th of June 2015

Lawn Grub - Hints on Maintaining a Good Lawn Turf farms regularly spray for lawn grubs. The spray does not kill the egg stage of the lawn grub cycle, which means any eggs could hatch over the next .....
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*IMPORTANT* Do not use Bad Turf Underlay
Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

Paper Mulch is widely sold at most landscaping suppliers as a turf underlay. Here is an example of what this looks like Picture of this bad underlay. Why you should NOT USE this product It .....
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The Empire Zoysia I have just purchased looks different
Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

We often get asked why does the Empire Zoysia that has just been purchased and laid look different to what is displayed on our website. The above picture is an example. The answer is simple : .....
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